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Russian artist Wassily Kandsinky’s approach to painting in pure abstraction proved revolutionary, having major repercussions across the arts. Born in Moscow in 1866 he would initially train as a lawyer, a career he would abandon age at age 30 to enrol in art school in Munich. Here he quickly established a reputation as both an artist and theorist of considerable talent. The formation of the ‘Blue Rider’ group with August Macke and Franz Marc proved a useful outlet for these energies, with the group’s work key to the development of abstract art. In 1922 Kandinsky was invited to teach at the Bauhaus, staying with the institution until 1933 until it was shut down under pressure from the Nazis, after which he would move to Paris. Here he would synthesis the approaches and ideas that he had developed over his lifetime to produce some of his most accomplished works. Dying in 1944 his influence continues to be felt.

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