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Henri Matisse forged one of the most impressive careers in modern art, with his daring approach to colour and form. Born into bourgeois family in northern France in 1869 he started painting in earnest in 1891 when he enrolled in Paris’s Academie Julien. Enjoying the city’s artistic riches, Matisse soaked up the work of Van Gogh, Manet whilst also travelling to London to study Turner. Around 1900, alongside Andre Derain, he developed Fauvism - a movement noted for its expressive style and bright, bold colours. Whilst his work would soon move beyond Fauvism’s stylistic constraints, his commitment to expression and colour would always inform his work - continuing to feature in the artist’s numerous shifts in style. After fifty years of innovation illness began to limit Matisse’s output in the early 1950s. Despite this he was able to continue working by instructing assistants in the production of large scale collages until late into his life. He died in 1954 aged 84.

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