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As the founder of Impressionism, Claude Monet can be considered amongst the most influential of all artists. Born in Paris in 1840 he spent his early youth in provincial Normandy, cultivating a passion for art he’d fuel by regular trips to his birth city, before eventually moving there aged 16. There he met Renoir, Sisley and Bazille - forging the ideas and cementing the friendships that would create the Impressionist movement. Their work, marked by the technique of painting outdoors and the use of fast, marked brushstrokes, drew both acclaim and derision. This response would follow the movement and was present after the first Impressionist exhibition 1874. After the death of his wife Monet would eventually move to Giverny in 1883. The property’s gardens and large ponds would become the subject of much of the artist’s work until his death in 1926.

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